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Where Can I Sleep if I'm Homeless?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 followed by the high cost of living, many landlords increased rental house prices. As a result, many people were rendered homeless. And when the situation was about to settle down, inflation rates are up again due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Are you homeless or about to become homeless and wondering where you can sleep?

Best Places to Sleep if You are Homeless

The following are some places you can consider sleeping if you are homeless:   

1. Abandoned Buildings

There are many abandoned buildings where people are no longer living or incomplete buildings. They are places you can sleep if you are homeless. Such buildings tend to be warm and you can also get a place to hide your belongings. However, be on the lookout since you can be kicked out anytime.

2. Cars

You can also sleep in abandoned cars. There are many garages with cars that are no longer in use. Sleeping in a car is more comfortable than in the streets and besides, it is warmer. Cars are also safe and you can also hide your belongings in them.

3. Bus Stops

Bus stops are other places you can sleep. Most bus stops are lit and secure and you can’t miss something to sleep on. Besides, there are also many people who spend their nights at bus stops so it is somehow secure.

4. Bench

Many homeless people tend to sleep on benches on the streets. However, sleeping on the bench is not very comfortable and it can be very cold. You need to have a blanket or something heavy to cover yourself with.

5. Marketplaces

Marketplaces are also places you can sleep if you are homeless or about to become homeless. You are likely to find cartons and or storage materials you can sleep on in marketplaces. besides, in marketplaces, you can find easily find food leftovers if you are considering dumpster diving.

6. Storage Units

Storage units like old tanks and cardboard are sleeping places for homeless people. They are not very secure, but they offer a place where homeless people can keep their belongings and sleep. If you don’t have a place to sleep and you have a storage unit, that can be a good place to sleep.

7. Public Parks

There are many public parks established where people can go to rest. Such places are common with homeless people. There are benches in the public parks and all you need is something warm to cover yourself with. However, they are not very safe and police officers often come to patrol them.

8. Streets

Streets are other places you can sleep if you are experiencing rough sleeping. You can sleep in front of warehouses or businesses. The streets are well-lit and safe. However, one challenge is usually harassment from police officers who often kick out homeless people from the streets. As such, you need to be on the lookout.

9. Couches

You are likely to find couches in garages, sheds, and backyard tents. This is a good place you can sleep if you are homeless. Actually, a majority of homeless people sleep on couches until the couch wears out and then they find themselves on the streets.

Summary of Where to Sleep if You are Homeless

The above are some of the places you can sleep if you are homeless or about to become homeless. These places are not very secure and as such, you need to be always on the lookout. Always make sure you have packed your belongings and are ready to leave in case there you get evicted. Also, consider sleeping in groups to ensure you are secure.