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Toptal Review for Beginners

If you are looking to sign up for a freelance account, consider Toptal as one of your options. Toptal is a legitimate marketplace that boasts of providing the top 3% best talents worldwide. It has its headquarters in Silicon Valley of with most of its employees working remotely. It is a great marketplace where freelancers and clients can freely interact and work together. 

This is a detailed review of Toptal Freelance website.

How to Sign Up For Toptal Account

To start working on Toptal, you need to sign up for an account. To do so, enter your details, freelance category, your email, password and your full name. You need to wait until your account is verified. Once you have been accepted to join Toptal, you need to do more documentation to provide necessary information.

You need to do the following:

  • Accept the Toptal terms
  • Set up your profile, skills and resume on the platform
  • Set your hourly rate
  • Start applying for jobs

Toptal Screening Process for Freelancers 

Toptal has a very rigorous screening process for freelancers. It is meant to eliminate unqualified freelancers. Toptal has hired experts from Google, Wharton, MIT and other leading companies in the world. Also, most of their interviews are challenging and problematic in terms of complexity. Some of the tests you can expect on Toptal include:

  • English test
  • Screening test
  • Project Test
  • Project review

How Toptal Works

Toptal is a freelance marketplace for freelancers and clients. You can find almost any talent ranging from designers, developers and writers. The platform boasts itself to provide the top 3% best freelancers in major fields. It is because the platform has a very rigorous process of recruiting new freelancers. This ensures that employers work with the best freelancers only.

To start working on Toptal as a freelancer, you need first to do several tests to get approved. You have to pass those tests; otherwise, you get rejected. Unfortunately, only 3% of those who take the tests qualify. Once you have done the test, you get approved for the program. Again, to start working, you must do free trial work for a client before working for him for payment. If he is satisfied with your work, he is billed. If he is not happy with the job, you don't get paid.

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How Much Does Toptal Charge Clients

It is free to sign up for an account in Toptal. When you sign up for a client account, they will call you to get more details about your job requirements. You must deposit $500, which is refunded if you go on with the hiring process. This is to ensure that they only have serious clients.

They will then connect you with the freelancer, depending on the skills you are looking for. The rates start from $60 per hour. You will then get two weeks trial with the freelancer. If you like his work, the amount will be billed to you. If you don't like the work, the deposit and other charges will be refunded.

Business Models that can Hire on Toptal

Toptal is a good freelance website for companies that wish to hire but do not want to commit themselves to a full-time payroll. Also, if your business has been in existence and you want it to grow, you can hire on Toptal. Companies like AirBnB, Disney and Google have all used Toptal.

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How is Toptal Different From Other Freelance Websites?

Toptal is a unique freelance website where you will find the best talents. It is different from other websites in the following ways.

  • Rigorous screening process. Every freelance on the platform has to do a challenging test. The test examines different skills ranging from English mastery, personality test and skill tests. Only 3% of freelancers pass the test.
  • Continued customer satisfaction. In Toptal, you have to ensure that you continue providing your clients with quality work. Otherwise, you will get kicked out of the program.
  • Two weeks trial. To start working with a freelancer, a client is given a two weeks trial period to evaluate him. You won't be charged if you are not satisfied with the work.
  • There are a wide variety of specialists. In Toptal, you will find specialists that you are not likely to find in other freelance websites like CFO's.

Toptal Payment Terms

If you are a freelancer, it takes around a month to get your first paycheck. It is because Toptal invoices employers every two weeks. Payments are processed in another two weeks. Toptal payments are made in USD. Once the funds are in your payment account, you can transfer to another account, and can convert to other currencies.

Advantages of Toptal

  • The main advantage of hiring through Toptal is that there are highly skilled specialists. Freelancers go through a rigorous screening process that eliminates unqualified ones.
  • It helps employers to find freelancers with the right skills. It takes around three weeks for Toptal to find a freelancer with the best skills for a particular project. This eliminates the challenges that employers have to go through looking for the right freelancer.
  • Fluency in communication. There is a screening process that ensures that Toptal freelancers are fluent in English. This ensures that clients can communicate efficiently to provide quality work turnaround.
  • No risky hiring. Toptal ensures that employers hire experts and specialists only. Employers are given a two weeks trial period to work with a freelancer and assess their credibility. Charges are only billed to employers when they are satisfied with the work.
  • High quality work. Freelancers have to ensure delivery of quality work. If a freelancer submits low quality work, the employer gets a refund and the freelancer risks getting kicked out of the program. 

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Disadvantages of Toptal

  • There are frequent late payments. Imagine having to wait for a month t get your first paycheck and then it also gets delayed.
  • On Toptal, you can't set your rate. You will have to request the recruiter to increase or decrease the rate.
  • There are many freelancers than projects. It makes it extremely hard for new freelancers to get clients.