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Best Freelance Websites Canada 

Canada is one of the countries in the world that has embraced freelance work. Also, it is one of the countries with the best freelance websites and highest paid freelancers. There has been high growth in the freelance market and especially in Canada where 15% of the workforce is self-employed. Canadians are using their professional skills through freelance to get self-employed and earn an extra income. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best freelance websites Canada:

1. is one of the best freelancing websites in Canada where freelancers can do a wide range of online freelance jobs Canada. Freelancers working through can do video captioning, transcribing, translation, and subtitling jobs. You can work and get paid from the comfort of your home. does not have an exact pay rate. Your pay will depend on speed and accuracy of typing, work quality, commitment ratio and time taken to complete the job.

2. is also among the best Canadian freelance websites all kinds of freelance gigs. The marketplace matches freelancers with freelance online jobs Canada based on their unique profiles. This allows them to pitch their ideas directly to companies looking for freelancers. offers a wide variety of online gigs. You can work on as a writer, marketer, graphic and logo designer, copywriter, translator, or transcriber.

Freelance gigs on are available in multiple languages including French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and more languages. Jobs on are in several categories and you can get hourly rate projects, fixed price projects, contests, skills-based projects, and language-based projects. When applying for a job, choose one that you can do comfortably.


Workhoppers is a Canadian freelance jobs board, rather than a freelance job website in Canada. It matches freelancers with clients using an artificial Intelligence algorithm. Clients pay a monthly fee based on the services they need. Workhoppers is ideal for freelancers who are looking for full-time work. Registration is free. Jobs on Workhoppers are paid by the hour or per completed project.


Flexjobs is an online gigs website that pools various freelance jobs from all over Canada. The website specializes in flexible and remote job opportunities. These jobs can be part-time or full-time and they range from teaching jobs, accounting jobs, translation jobs, project management jobs, writing jobs, marketing jobs, etc.

Flexjobs verifies and screens all job openings to filter out scams and fake companies. It ensures that all jobs posted on their website is legit. To find a job on, you will need to sign up for a subscription (four plans are available) and every subscription gives unlimited access to job listings, career advice, and free skills testing.

5. is one of the best freelancing websites in Canada. Small businesses and large corporations use to find freelancers. Upwork matches you with jobs based on your profile. You can hire bloggers, web designers, authors, freelance writers, copywriters, transcribers, translators, graphic designers, customer support, and more talents. New jobs are continuously updated on the platform and you can apply for any job you can do continually. Before you can do your first job, you will need to learn how to write effective proposals that will help to attract potential employers.

6. Toptal

Toptal is a global freelance marketplace for finance experts, software developers, designers, and project managers. To be a freelancer on Toptal, you must undergo a rigorous verification process. Out of the many submissions, Toptal gets every month, they only accept a few into their ranks. Although it may seem intimidating to get accepted, you get a chance to work with big names once you get in. Toptal needs freelancers with exceptional skills and those that are highly self-motivated.

7. Writers Work

Writers Work is a marketplace that brings together freelancers and businesses and compiles all the best freelance writing jobs under one website. With Writers Work, you pay to set up a profile ($15 bucks a month or a one-time payment of $97). The good thing about Writers Work is that it is easy to find freelance jobs in Canada.


Initially, allowed one to offer any service for as low as $5. However, things have changed and freelancers can now set their own starting prices, add ons, and packages. Services you can offer include web designing, translation, copywriting, transcribing, singing, etc. You do not have to worry about invoicing your clients since Fiverr builds payments right into the platform.

9. Behance

Behance is a freelance website in Canada where creative freelancers can land online jobs. The marketplace features a wide range of online jobs including animations, web designing, illustrations, mobile app and website development, transcribing, etc. Freelancers fill in their Behance profile with exceptional samples of projects they have done then the work is put before an audience of other creatives. If the work attracts the attention of the audience, the freelancer’s work is featured, giving you the exposure you need to find jobs from interested clients.

Summary of the Best Freelance Websites Canada 

Online freelance jobs can be a perfect side hustle and also a full-time job when given all the attention it requires. With the rising number of people in search of online jobs in Canada, you need to have an exceptional profile and top talent to be well-placed when it comes to landing online gigs. Also, with the best freelance website in Canada, you can easily get clients. Since the competition is high, you need to offer high quality work. You also need to be highly motivated to keep searching for well-paying jobs on these marketplaces.

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