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Social Media Marketing Trends in 2022

Most people spend a significant part of their time on social media. Many people have also become addicted to social media and the first thing they do when they wake up is to check social media. People like to interact, share videos and pictures through social media platforms. Also, through social media platforms, people get updated about many things about life. For this reason, businesses have also embraced social media marketing that has led to the emergence of new trends. In this article, we are going to focus on social media marketing trends.

1. TikTok will Dominate Social Media 

TikTok is the latest social media marketing trend. TikTok started in 2016 and within a very short time, it has gained popularity. TikTok is a social media platform where people interact and share short videos. Businesses and advertisers and quickly moving to advertise on TikTok. A report showed many advertisers preferred TikTok for advertising to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For this reason, TikTok is likely to dominate social media marketing by 2023.

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2. Companies will Hire More Social Media Marketers 

Social media is going to become the next big thing when it comes to marketing. Since many people spend a lot of their time on social media, companies are moving to social media marketing to tap this huge opportunity. Many businesses and brands have established their presence on social media platforms. Social media is great for brand awareness and a good revenue-generating platform. Therefore, companies will continue to invest more in hiring social media experts to manage their social media accounts.

3. Influencer Marketing will Continue to Grow 

The other social media marketing trend is the growth of influencer marketing. Social media is dominated by influencers who help brands sell their products and services. Influencer marketing is not a new trend, but it will continue to grow. Brands are spending lots of money to pay influencers making the industry to keep on growing. It is cheaper to invest in influencers than paid ads. Also, influencer marketing has higher sales conversions compared to paid advertising. For these reasons, influencer marketing will continue to grow. 

4. Brands will Embrace Social Media for Customer Service

Social media platforms are generally for interacting and helping people to connect. Businesses will now be in a position to connect with their customers through social media. People can now reach out to businesses for customer service through social media. Brands are now responding to messages and inquiries from their customers through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

By 2023, 60% of customer service will be processed through social media channels according to Gartner. Brands will invest more in chatbots to increase their response time to customer service requests.

5. Brands are Embracing Social Commerce

The other social media marketing trend is the growth of social commerce. Lately, social media platforms have evolved to become retail platforms. Today, people can shop online through social media. You can order products and services and also make payments directly from social media. Social media platforms are partnering with payment gateways to allow people to process payments for online purchases. This trend is expected to keep on growing due to its excellent shopping experience.

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6. Brands are Adopting Short Videos for Marketing

One of the social media marketing trends for brands is the adoption of short videos. With social media platforms like Instagram that have adopted Reels and the short TikTok videos, brands are now using videos for marketing. If you are not using videos, you are losing a lot.

Videos are a lot more engaging and they tend to capture the attention of the viewers compared to other advertisements. Viewers are able to retain the expression they got from a video advert compared to an audio or written advert. As such, brands will continue to adopt short videos for marketing. 

7. Growth of Social Media Communities

Social media groups like Facebook groups are one of the social media marketing trends. Companies and brands are leveraging such groups to reach more people. Through groups, a brand can engage with its members and discuss topics and experiences in a meaningful manner. Members can share their experiences using a brand’s product or services. They can also make suggestions to improve the product or services. The growth of social media communities will continue to be on the rise as brands are embracing this strategy.

Summary of Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media marketing trends will continue to be on the rise as brands continue to embrace social media marketing and the internet. Some of the commonly used social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and WhatsApp will see a significant rise when it comes to social media marketing. It is because it is the easiest and fastest way to reach out to a greater audience since more people spend time on social media.

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