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Best Payment Services for Freelance Writers 

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Are you a freelance writer and you are wondering how you can receive payments from your clients. It is easy. We will provide you with some of the best online payment processing companies for freelance writers. You need to select a platform through which your clients will be sending you money. Apart from payment platforms, you also need to know some freelance writing tips.  


PayPal is one of the oldest and commonly used online payment platforms by many freelance websites. Besides, it is also used by organizations and stores for money transfers. PayPal is available in over 230 countries and supports over 25 currencies. You need to have an email to sign up for an account.

It has been in use for years and it is one of the most trusted online payment platforms. Payments made using credit cards and debit cards are transferred in a matter of minutes, while those made using bank transfers take a few days.

The downside of PayPal is that it charges higher fees compared to other platforms. The platform charges a fixed fee of USD 0.30 in addition to 3.4% of the total amount being transacted. If you are paid in a foreign currency, you will also be charged between 2.5% and 4.5% of the amount sent. It depends on the currency in which you are transacting. Your funds can also be put on hold for 21 days for any reason.

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Payoneer is another platform that is excellent in international money transfers. You can use it for money transfers and receive funds. You can deposit money in Payoneer using MasterCard. Payoneer is available in over 200 countries and it can also transact over 150 currencies. Receiving money from another Payoneer account is free when transacting in USD, EUR, JPY and GBP. Funds are available in your account within 2 hours.

For credit card payments, the charges are 3% and 1% for eChecks of the total transaction amount. The downside about Payoneer is that you are required to make USD 29.95 annually for prepaid MasterCard. Sending money from your Payoneer account to your bank account can take up to 5 days. Its costs are around 2% above the mid-market rate for cash withdraws sent in foreign currency.


Stripe is relatively new compared to PayPal and Payoneer. However, it is a convenient platform to make and receive payments, especially for small businesses. It is secure, quick and easy to set up. The platform is tailored to meet the needs f the users. Luckily, you can integrate Stripe with many applications making it easy to pay and receive payment. It does not have any hidden fees.

Stripe charges a flat fee of USD 0.30 and 2.9% per transaction. International money transfers attract a 1% conversion fee. 

Its downside is that it is still relatively new and has not yet gained popularity and reputation, unlike other platforms. Besides, it is only available in 26 countries. In case of a dispute from a client, the platform charges $15 and you can only receive back the amount if the client cancels the dispute.

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Skrill is an excellent payment platform for freelancers and ecommerce. It is easy to sign up and you can start receiving and making transfers immediately. Transferring money from Skrill to bank account is free and you can transact in over 40 currencies. 

With Skrill, you can enjoy low transaction charges and make instant deposits and withdrawals. In some countries, it is possible to receive money directly in your mobile wallet. Depositing and withdrawing funds from the Skrill account is free. Us residents pay much less compared to residents of other countries. They only pay when transferring money internationally.

Its currency conversion is 3.99% higher than the mid-market rate. However, you may not realize the fees. You must ensure that you log in and transact using the account at least ones is a year to avoid being slapped with an inactive fee of 5 euros.


TransferWise is among the few online payment platforms that offer the least charges. In addition, TransferWise uses the mid-market rate for currency conversions. It does not have any hidden fees that make transfer charges very cheap. It has excellent reviews and ratings on TrustPilot due to invaluable ways of sending money.

You can send money using TransferWise in over 71 countries and it can support over 57 currencies. You can make transfers from one bank to another using the platform. It also supports credit and debit cards. In most cases, you will receive funds within two business days.

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As a freelance writer, you should get the most convenient payment platform. Ensure that the service is available in your county of residence. Also, compare the charges between the available money transfer services in your country and their speed of transfer. This way, you can be sure of getting the best service to use for payment.