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My Experience Working on Upwork

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Upwork is one of the best freelance platforms. There are a wide variety of jobs and you can sell a wide variety of skills. I started working on Upwork after my freelance account on Studybay was suspended. Since I signed up on Upwork, I have never had an issue with my Upwork account. To date, Upwork is many primary sources of income.

After signing up for an account on Upwork, I didn't know how to write a catchy proposal to request a client to hire me for their projects. I researched online and  bid proposal. I still remember that I sent three bid proposals and one of them got accepted.

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I got a fantastic client. The project was super easy and I had the tools and skills he was looking for. He wanted me to help him check if articles on his website were plagiarism-free. I had a Grammarly Premium account that would allow me to check for plagiarism. The other exciting thing was that the project was on an hourly basis. He was paying $10 per hour. I was very excited since this was good pay considering that it was my first project and never received such an amount before.

It took me 4 hours to complete the work on the same day, and made $60. That was great for a start. This motivated me to start sending more bid proposals. The same week, I got my second project. This was a fixed budget project that was paying $20. I finished the project in less than two hours and the client approved payment immediately. He also left an impressive feedback on my profile, stating that I had completed the project beyond his expectations.

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During the second week, my first client asked me to help him with another project and he would pay $15 an hour. This was amazing and I couldn't believe it. He liked my work. The project was about writing show notes using his podcasts. He sent all the podcasts and I worked for 8 hours. This took me two days and I made $120. Upwork charges 20% for projects below $500. So, I received $96. In less than two weeks, I had made over $160. This is when I say this was a real deal and I decided to focus on freelance full-time. At the time, I was teaching computer packages in a college. My two-week income from Upwork had exceeded a whole month's pay for teaching computer packages.

Resigning Work to Focus on Freelance

The following month, I resigned from the college to focus on freelance. I had gathered several clients on Upwork and many of them kept sending more projects. I was grateful they were happy with my work. The most exciting thing is getting clients who are ready to train you. I got a client who needed me to upload content directly to his website. He created a WordPress account for me. I didn't know how to use WordPress. He trained me and I have been working with him to date. This is the second year I am working with him. 

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Payment on Upwork

Upwork has many ways freelancers can withdraw money. I withdraw money from Upwork through Mpesa. There are other ways, including bank withdrawals, PayPal and Payoneer. I prefer Mpesa because the withdrawal is instant and in less than 20 minutes, the money is usually deposited in my Mpesa wallet.