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My Experience Working as a Freelance Writer

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Since I was in university, I have worked as a freelance writer. People prefer freelance jobs since they are less demanding and you can work in your free time. Freelance writing can be a full time or part-time job. It has fewer expenses and you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

I started freelance witting while at the university and my first freelance website to work on was iWriter. It is where I learnt how to do online research. At the time, I wasn't very good at writing and I would look for topics and write. I didn't mind if I got paid or not. iWriter is a good freelance platform for beginners. The only disadvantage is that prices are very low and clients quickly reject work after a freelancer has submitted work. Also, to withdraw money from the account, you need a minimum balance of $20. I left iWriter with a minimum balance of $12 after working on six projects, each paying $2. I can't withdraw the money to date.

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Working on Studybay

I ditched iWriter to start academic writing on Studybay. Studybay is an excellent platform for academic writers. If you are good in a particular subject, you can help students with their homework and tutoring. I was making good earnings with Studybay, while at university.  I could learn while assisting students. The disadvantage of Studybay is frequent suspensions for minor violations.

In a good month, I would make up to $250. This was much for me since I was in university and I had to balance between my school work and freelancer work. Also, I was spending less money since I was using the school Wi-Fi.

I had signed up for two Studybay accounts I was using both of them on the same computer. This is against their policies and I was not aware. Both accounts were banned, leaving me without a source of income. I had developed the account and they had frequent clients. I felt very discouraged and I didn't have the energy to open a new account and start from scratch.

Working on Upwork

It is then I decided to open a freelance account on Upwork. To date, I still work on Upwork and it is the best freelance platform. There are a wide variety of jobs and skills. Many people are making a living working on Upwork. I make over $700 every month.

To make it on Upwork, you need to write an impressive profile about the services you offer. Then specialize in a particular area. You also need to have a portfolio of the projects you have completed. Clients need to have faith in you that you can do excellent work.

The good thing about Upwork is that they are not very strict compared to other platforms. Also, they have many payment options, including Mpesa, which I frequently use. You are also in control of the projects and can work when you can. My best experience is when I found a client with who I have been working for two years now. When you build a reputation, you are sure of regular income on Upwork.

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Working as a freelancer is a passion for me. I love writing and learning at the same time. It also gives me the priority to interact with clients from different cultural backgrounds. My writing passion has also helped me contribute to several global organizations like It has also helped me set up some web portals to help people of various subjects.