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My Experience in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the excellent ways you can monetize your website. Affiliate marketing involves marketing a company's products or services and then for every sale through your link, you are paid a commission. I have been in affiliate marketing for two years now and my earnings have been on the steady rise. 

How I Started Affiliate Marketing

When I started to monetize my website through affiliate marketing, I didn't know much about it. I had two websites at the time. One is about business ideas and much of the traffic is from African countries. The other one is about Search Engine Optimization and much of its traffic is from first-tier countries.

I started web monetization with the business ideas niche website. I signed up for Bluehost Affiliate Program and placed the banner code on the website. The website was receiving average traffic of 1000 visitors per day and most of the visitors were from Africa. I would check frequently if there was anyone who had signed up using my link. For the first month, no one signed up using the link. I was disappointed and I decided to discontinue Bluehost affiliate marketing with the website.

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I decided to try affiliate marketing with the second website focusing on the Search Engine Optimization niche and whose traffic was from first-tier countries. On average, the website was receiving 400 visitors per day. I added the Bluehost HTML code and started displaying affiliate banners on the website. I was eager and also started checking if there were any Bluehost sign-ups using the link. For the first week, there were no sign-ups.

In the second week, there were two sign-ups made using the link. For each sign-up, Bluehost pays $65. I made $130 for the two signs and I was very excited. It wasn't much, but I was happy that the website had generated its first revenue through affiliate marketing.

What I Learnt about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with websites. However, to make enough revenues through affiliates, you need to sign up for affiliates with companies that sell within your niche. My first website in the business ideas niche never made a sale since there was a conflict of interest. Although it had many visitors unlike the second one, it wasn't making sales since the content was not related to audience's needs. As such, make sure to sell products that are related to your audience's needs.

Affiliate marketing does not work very well in the third-tier countries. It is because people have not fully embraced online purchasing, unlike in first-tier countries. Therefore, if you plan to do affiliate marketing, target audience from first-tier countries. 

Choose the right products and then review them. Customers prefer to buy products when they know what the people who have used them say about the products. Therefore, you need to tell your audience about the particular product you are marketing. You will realize that most of the websites that succeed in affiliate marketing provide product reviews. You should try and provide truthful information that helps and not one that sells. Ultimately, if you provide honest reviews, customers will trust your brand.

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You also need to engage your audience. You need to provide a platform where your audience can engage and ask you questions. Make sure to respond to your audience's questions and provide them with honest information. The ultimate goal of affiliate marketing is to ensure that buyers enjoy the products you are promoting after a purchase.

Set honest expectations. You do not want to promote a product so that a client can buy and then get frustrated since they had high expectations. As such, make sure that you highlight both pros and cons of a product. It is best that you first test those products you are promoting. Also, understanding a product will help you to answer customer questions. 


You can rely on affiliate marketing for your livelihood if you develop stronger customer relationships for the products. Make sure you have the right niche with the right target audience. Also, make sure that you provide honest reviews about a product so that customers know its pros and cons before buying it. Ultimately, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money blogging.