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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of products and services belonging other entities, while you earn a commission. You know you can make money online with affiliate marketing using social media like Facebook and Instagram. Some of the ways you can earn through affiliate marketing include blogs, online coaching, virtual assistance.  

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How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing can be related to a typical salesperson. For every sale that he makes, he gets a certain percentage commission from the sale. However, a typical salesperson can only sell products of only one company. But with affiliate marketing, you can sell as many products from different companies as you can.

When a visitor clicks an affiliate link, there is a cookie that stored. The cookie helps the merchant to track the visitor back to the source of the link. As such, the merchant will identify the website that led to the sale. The good thing about it is that even if the buyer doesn't make a purchase instantly, you will still be paid whenever he will buy.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing 

First, you need to know that you can make as much money as you can with affiliate marketing. There is no limit. However, the amount of revenue you can generate depends on your niche and your effort. To start earning through affiliate marketing, this is what you need to do. 

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Choose an Affiliate Marketing Platform

You need to have a platform for affiliate marketing. It can be a blog or a YouTube Channel. Once you have a platform, ensure that you have high traffic or have many followers. Make sure that your blogs and YouTube videos are optimized for SEO so that they can rank well. 

Choose Your Category

The next thing you need to do is to decide on the specific category you want to provide information about. Provide quality content that is optimized for SEO. It is because competition on Google is very high and this could also help drive traffic to your website or channel. With quality content, it is easy to brands for affiliate marketing. 

Look for Affiliate Programs You Can Join

There are many types of affiliate programs that you can join depending on the performance of your website. For instance, there is high paying and high volume affiliate which is for brands that need much appeal. Consequently, they pay higher commissions. Also, there is high paying; low volume affiliate that is for products that do not need much appeal. However, they pay well also.

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Essentially, you need to know how your website is performing and also understand the nature of the product that you are promoting. The niche and the level of your expertise will help to decide which affiliate program you will join.

Having done that, you need to create appealing content. The content that you provide should make internet visitors need to visit your site frequently to get more information. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. Make sure to add include the affiliate links at the top of your page. Many people rarely scroll to the bottom of the page and hence adding affiliate links at the bottom will not generate clicks.


Finally, to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to convert clicks into sales. To do so, you need to ensure that the click is directed to the product page. Then, once the visitor is on the product page, he needs to purchase so that you can earn. This way, you will be generating much revenue from affiliate marketing.