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How to Make Money Online in Canada for Free

There are many reasons you need to consider making money online in Canada. First, making money online can be a source of passive income and you can be working part-time. You can work online from the comfort of your home and meet your financial obligations. The growth of the internet has created many opportunities for people to make money online. In this article, we will provide you with best way to make money online Canada. 

1. Start Blogging

You can start making money online in Canada by blogging. To start a blog, you need to select a niche you are passionate about. You need to be good at it. Otherwise, you may run out of ideas before you even get started. You can start a blog to offer free information or sell products. To start a blog, you need to have the following:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting service

Once you have created a website, you need to drive traffic to the blog by offering high-quality content and following best SEO practices. It takes time to drive significant traffic to your blog. You can make money through a blog by selling products online, advertisements using platforms like AdSense, Mediavine, etc. You can also monetize your blog through affiliate marketing.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

The other way you can make money online in Canada is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves marketing products online and earning commissions on successful referrals. Most affiliate marketers use blogs for affiliate marketing. If you have a niche-specific blog, like fashion, you can promote fashion products. If you don’t have a blog, you can promote products through social media like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Some of the best affiliate networks in Canada include ClickBank, ShareASale, Rakuten and Amazon affiliates.

3. Start Freelance

The other way you can make money online is through freelance. To start freelance, you need to sign up for a freelance account and you can start selling your skills online. There are many freelance websites in Canada that can help you sell skills online. They include Upwork, Fiverr,, and PeoplePerHour.

Once you have signed up for an account, create a catchy bio detailing your skills, competency and provide examples of previous freelance jobs you have successfully completed. Some of the freelance jobs you can sell online include data entry, article writing, resume writing, transcription, proofreading, and translation.

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4. Start a YouTube Channel

You can also make money online in Canada through a YouTube channel. If you have something interesting to share with your audience, you can start a YouTube channel. You need to pick a YouTube channel idea that you are passionate about and start providing content to your audience. You need to continually upload valuable videos to your YouTube channel to engage your audience. You can make money from a YouTube channel through ad providers like AdSense, or promoting products online.

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5. Start Tutoring English Online

You can become an English tutor and make money online in Canada. You can teach children from non-English speaking countries like Taiwan and Korea. English online coaching pays well and you can do it online and as a part time job. You also need to find a good platform where you can teach online. Some of the best platforms include:

  • DaDa
  • Vipkid
  • TeachAway
  • iTalki
  • Cambly

6. Start an eCommerce Website

You can start an online eCommerce store in Canada and start making money online. There are many platforms like Shopify that can help you create an online store and sell products directly to consumers. To start an eCommerce store in Canada, you need to create a website to host your products, create a merchant account like PayPal and Stripe to accept payments.

You also need to have a place to house all the products, accept orders, package, and ship products to your customers. Finally, you need to market your products online so that people can know what you are selling. If you don’t have products of your own, consider starting a dropshipping business.

With a dropshipping business, you don’t have to house your inventory. You only need to promote products while they are in the supplier’s warehouse. You can set your own prices and start marketing the products. When a customer makes an order, the supplier will package the product and ship it directly to the customer and you will earn a share of the sale.

7. Take Part in Online Surveys

Completing online surveys is an excellent way to make money online in Canada. It takes around 30 minutes to complete an online survey and you can earn up to $25. Completing online surveys may not work well as a full-time job, but it can help you make money as a side hustle.

Some of the best platforms where you can find online surveys include Swagbucks, LifePoints, Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Survey Junkie, and Pinecoast Research.

8. Work as a Virtual Assistant

You can become a virtual assistant and make money online in Canada. To become a virtual assistant, you need to sharpen your skills. You can start online courses on platforms like Udemy or Hubspot before you can get started with the virtual assistant job.

To attract clients, you need to demonstrate your skills. You can also promote your skills on freelance platforms like Linkedln, Indeed, Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

9. Start Transcription

You can start transcription services and make money online in Canada. On average, through transcription, you can make between $15 and $25 per hour. To make it in transcription, you need to be a good listener, be fast in typing and be keen on detail. Some of the best platforms you can use for transcription include Transcribe Me and TigerFish, Rev, and Scribie.

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10. Put Your Apartment on Airbnb

If you are traveling for a few days, you can put your house on Airbnb and can make money online while you are away. Airbnb helps travelers find accommodation for a short time. You can set the amount you want to charge for your apartment and Airbnb will handle the transactions. It is easy to make money on Airbnb since it handles communication and transactions.

Summary of How to Make Money Online in Canada

There are many ways to make money online in Canada. The above are just a few, yet there are many more. Working online is convenient and you don’t have to travel. It is a great way to make money online. Look for an online job that is passionate about and get started. Even if you don’t have experience, you can learn online for free and start making money online in Canada.

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