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How to Make Money with a YouTube Channel

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There are several ways you can monetize and make money with a YouTube channel. You can make money on YouTube when ads are displayed and subscribers view them on your channel. You will get paid for every view or click on an ad on your channel. However, if you have a premium YouTube account, you do not need to rely on ads to get paid.

You can create a Google AdSense account and link it to your YouTube Channel. You must also enable monetization on your YouTube account settings. Make sure not to violate AdSense program policies.  To start making money with a YouTube channel, you need at least 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers. In this article, we will show you how you can make money with a YouTube channel. 

Ways to Make Money with a YouTube Channel 

The following are ways in which you can monetize your YouTube channel.

1. Advertising

To monetize your Tube channel, you need to create content that meets advertising guidelines. Then, you will be ready to start earning.

As a content creator, you will not be paid for any video you upload to your channel. However, you can make money on YouTube by providing your channel as an advertising platform. You will need to have lots of ads on your YouTube channel. You get paid when your viewers see the ads on your channel.The more subscribers you have, the higher your revenues are.

2. Affiliate Marketing

There are no requirements to monetize your YouTube channel through affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing for brands and companies. For every sale that a company makes through an affiliate link, you get paid. You need first to join affiliate networks like Click Bank to get brands you can promote through affiliate marketing. The amount you earn depends on the percentage of commission the company is offering and the traffic your channel generates. If you are a travel vlogger, you can join a travel affiliate and make money for flights or hotel services. 

3. YouTube Partner Program

As a YouTuber, you can monetize a YouTube channel through other YouTube users. To do so, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time in the last 12 months. Once you meet this requirement, you can then apply to join the program. YouTube will email you within a week to inform you if they have accepted your application. In the partnership program, YouTube shares revenues as follows; 55% goes to YouTube channel owner and 45% to Google. 

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4. Selling Merchandise

To start making money on YouTube channel through merchandise selling, you must be over 18 years old and have at least 10,000 subscribers. If you meet the requirements, you can sell merchandise. You must have a unique brand that is appealing. Build your brand and then create a landing page or a shop for your products. Check if you are eligible for YouTube partner merchandise. If you do, enable it. The final thing is to promote your brand and product using your YouTube videos.

5. YouTube Membership Program

You can monetize your YouTube channel when members pay a monthly subscription. In return, you need to give them badges and allow them to enjoy live chats with you. To make it up to the top using this YouTube monetization strategy, you need to build a brand and convince YouTube users to sign up for membership on your channel. The more members you have, the higher the revenue. You must continually provide your subscribers with valuable content to find value for their money.

6. YouTube Premium Subscription

You can make money on YouTube channel when members subscribe to YouTube premium. After subscribing for the premium service, they can watch videos uninterrupted. No ads will display as they watch. As such, you will get an extra income for every content you create. Earnings through premium membership are calculated based on watch time by your members. 

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7. Crowdfunding

YouTube is an excellent platform to run crowdfunding. You need to upload creative videos and tell YouTube users why they should fund you. As such, you can get donations from your channel members. Many YouTube users earn through donations. You must create a crowd funding account to monetize a YouTube channel through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms like Patreon and Kickstarter can help you to raise funds through YouTube.

Summary of How to Make Money with a YouTube Channel

You can generate significant revenue using a YouTube channel through the above YouTube channel monetization strategies. Keep updating your YouTube channel with quality information to get more subscribers to your channel. As such, you will get client referrals and keep on getting more members.

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