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iWriter Reviews for Beginners

iWriter is a freelance marketplace for writers and employers. Brad Callen founded the freelance website. It is a great freelance marketplace for writers with or without experience. We will give you an honest insight into the website and what you should expect if you are thinking of hiring or getting hired on iWriter. The following is iWriter review for beginners. 

How to Sign Up for iWriter 

You can sign up on iWriter as a freelancer or a requester (client). It is free to register for both writers and employer account. Visit the iWriter Signup page and provide your name, email address, user name, phone number and password to sign up. Your account will be accepted and you can request work immediately if you are an employer or get articles immediately if you are a writer.

It is good to sign up on iWriter using the same email you used to sign up for a PayPal account. iWriter is one of the few websites that easily accepts writers without experience.

Who is Eligible to Write on iWriter?

iWriter is one of the websites where freelancers with or without experience can sign up. You do not have to be a US resident or English native speaker to get accepted. However, all writers must be 18 years and above and need to have a PayPal account. It is an excellent platform for people who want to start earning money immediately. You can grow your skills on iWriter.

How iWriter Works

iWriter works differently for writers and clients. If you have a client's account, you need to order articles and provide necessary details about the work like the topic, length of the article, the amount they are willing to pay and the deadline.

On the writer's account, a writer will see all the available orders that have not been assigned to other writers. Writers can pick an article that is open and one they can comfortably complete. Articles on the writer's page may have an "Elite" or "Premium" status indicated on them. These articles are for writers who have written before and have some ratings. If you are a new writer, you do not have a rating. As such, you can only apply for jobs in the "Standard" category. 

Open articles often go very fast and you must pick one as quickly as possible. Look at the client's rating and approval rate. It is best to work with clients with a high acceptance rate to avoid rejection. If you are interested in working on the article, click "Write Article." You can look at the special instructions for the article by clicking the "Special Instructions" button. A writer can only select to write only one article at a particular time. However, they can cancel writing without a penalty. 

Every article usually has different timing when you can submit work. For instance, for 150 to 300 words article, you get 2 hours, and for 1000 words articles, you get 5 hours to submit the article. Failure to submit the work within the stipulated time, it is re-assigned to another writer and you do not get paid.

Once the writer has completed writing the article, they will submit it through iWriter so that the client can review it. The client has 72 hours to review the work. If they do not review the work within that time, payment is automatically released to the writer. If the client likes a writer's work, they will release the payment. Some writers maintain a few writers if they like their work. If they have more articles, they can order from them.

The client will review and rate the writer on a scale of five. If the client is impressed with a writer's work, they will give them a positive rating. Writers strive to achieve 4.1 stars and above. Those with 4.1 stars get "Premium" status, 4.6 stars get "Elite," and 4.85 stars get "Elite Plus" status. The Elite Plus category of writers get high paying articles, while those with less than 4.1 stars get the lowest paying articles.

Earning on iWriter

iWriter has varying payments for writers depending on their status. The following are the payment schedules for writers.

  • Standard writers get $1.62 for a 300 words article, $2.43 for a 500 words article and $4.05 for a 700 words article. 
  • Writers for Premium articles get $4.05 for a 500 words article.
  • Writers for Elite articles get $8.10 for a 500 words article. 

You can work hourly on iWriter by setting goals on how fast you want to complete an order. For instance, you can decide to work on a 300 words article and get $4.86 per hour.

Payment on iWriter

All iWriter payments are made through PayPal. To work on iWriter, you must have a PayPal account. The least amount you can withdraw from iWriter is $20. As such, you need to wait until your earnings accumulate to $20.

Payment is made on a weekly or monthly basis. For weekly payments, it is made after 2 weeks and sent every Tuesday. For monthly payments, every 25th or 5th of the month, depending on which one has been selected for monthly payments. Once payment has been made, it available in PayPal within 24 hours.

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How to Get Paid on iWriter

You need to choose when to receive payments on iWriter. Log in to your iWriter account and go to your profile page. Select "Edit Payment Info."  Enter your PayPal email address you will use to receive payments. Then select when to receive payments. You have four options; 'Every Tuesday', 'Every other Wednesday', 'Every month on the 5th', or 'Every month on the 25th'. If you want to get payment frequently, select 'Every Tuesday.' Select one and then scroll down at the bottom of the page and save the changes.

How to be a Successful Writer on iWriter

If you want to make as a writer on iWriter, here is what you need to do.

  • Choose articles from clients with a high acceptance rate. Selecting writers with a high acceptance rate will reduce the chances of rejection and help you climb up quickly. For instance, you can opt to accept writers with at least 80% acceptance rate.
  • Leave positive reviews for clients. For clients you have worked with, leave a positive rating and feedback. Let them know that you would like to work with them again.
  • Select articles that you can comfortably complete. You must select articles that you feel will not give you a hard time. This means that you can easily research and complete them within the shortest time possible. 

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Summary of iWriter Reviews for Beginners

iWriter is a great freelance website where writers can develop their writing skills. You can sign up for an account and start working immediately. However, you also need to be aware of its downsides. You have to wait until you reach $20 to get paid.

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