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What Human Rights Does Homelessness Violate?

Homelessness is a serious issue that has to do with human rights. Homelessness reaps people their basic human rights and make them vulnerable to all sorts of injustices. The covid-19 pandemic, the increase in the cost of living due to high fuel costs, and consequently increase in rental costs have left many people homeless. Homeless or not homeless, human rights are inherent and everyone should enjoy their rights as stipulated in International law. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the human rights that homelessness violates.

Human Rights Violated by Homelessness

The following are fundamental human rights that are violated as a result of homelessness. 

1. Right to Housing

Under international law, every person has a right to housing. Housing is a right and not a commodity. Housing means that one is secure without having to worry about being evicted. Besides, the right to housing also means that you live in a place where there is easy access to services like health facilities, schools, and employment.

2. Right to Education

Homelessness also deprives people of their right to education. Education is an efficient tool to raise people out of poverty. Education instills people with the skills and knowledge to fight poverty. Through education, people can get employment and also create employment opportunities.

Education also lifts levels of inequality in society. It gives both men and women equal opportunities in the workforce. The right to Education is well stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human rights and international law.

3. Right to Liberty and Security

Homeless people have a right to liberty and security, yet homelessness deprives them of this vital human right. The right to liberty and security protects individuals from unreasonable detention. As such, you cannot be imprisoned without a reasonable cause.

Many homeless people are arrested on the streets without any reason. Very often, we see homeless people in running battles with the police while trying to escape unreasonable arrests. This right requires that when you are arrested, you should be told in a language that you understand why you have been arrested, and taken to court to challenge your detention.

4. Right to Adequate Standard of Living

Every person has a right to an adequate standard of living including the availability of goods, water, and improved living conditions. Homelessness deprives people of all these essentials. Countries need to ensure that their citizens have access to food and clean and safe drinking water. Homeless people are not exceptional and they too should have an adequate standard of living.

5. Right to Freedom from Discrimination

Many homeless people face discrimination due to their poor living conditions. Mostly, homeless people usually feel unwelcome even to visit social places because people see them as beggars. While every human has a right to freedom from discrimination, homeless people continue to face discrimination and don’t even get equal job opportunities.

6. Right to Privacy

The right to privacy stipulates that people should be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures, and be secure in persons, and houses. Homeless people don’t even have a private place where they can take a shower or change clothes. They have to wait until it is night and people are asleep to find a place to take a shower. Besides, they do not even get a private place to keep their belongings.

7. Right to Social Security

The right to social security requires that everyone has the right to access and maintain benefits without discrimination. However, homeless people hardly get social services like maternity services, benefits in old age, or in cases of disability and affordable healthcare.

It also stipulates that people should not lack work-related income due to sickness, disability, or maternity. However, it is not the case with homeless people. They never get any of these. As if that’s not enough, they barely get family support.

Summary of Human Rights that Homelessness Violates

The above are some of the rights that homelessness violates. An increase in the cost of living and rental costs has left many people homeless. While human rights are inherent to every human being, homeless people never get to enjoy most of them. Governments should put in place measures like the creation of shelters to ensure the rights of homeless people are adhered to.