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How to Write Proposal on Upwork that Gets You Hired

If you have just signed up for Upwork freelance account, you must be wondering how you are going to get your first client. To get clients on Upwork, you may need to know how to write a proposal that gets you hired. Clients often get very many job proposals and only select the best. Writing an attractive Upwork proposal will help you get clients to hire you. In this article, I will show you how to write an Upwork proposal.

What is Upwork Proposal?

Upwork proposal is a message that a freelancer writes to a client convincing him that he or she is the perfect fit for the job. You need to tell the client why he needs to employ you. A proposal makes the client get an interest in your services.

How Do I Get My First Client on Upwork?

Getting your first client on Upwork can be somehow challenging compared to freelancers who have previously had clients. Freelancers always compete for the available jobs and only the best gets hired. You also need to keep applying for multiple jobs that you are qualified for. Patience is key. Normally, it takes an average of three days for clients to hire on Upwork.

How to Write Upwork Proposal

You need to know how to write a cover letter for an Upwork proposal so that you can get hired by clients. It is a skill that you need to practice to master. A proposal can be unique based on the job description.

A good Upwork proposal should follow the following structure:

  • Quick and straightforward greetings, followed by a restatement of the client's need.
  • Tell the client that you can help them solve their problem or need.
  • A short statement telling the client why you are the perfect match for the project or job.
  • Tell the client the steps you are going to take to offer excellent services.
  • Attachment of files or sample work related to the needs of the client.

How to Write Upwork Proposal Sample

The following is a sample of the Upwork proposal cover letter that follows the above structure:

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Upwork Proposals

Here is where many people go wrong when writing Upwork proposal cover letters. Avoid these mistakes.

Writing too long cover letters and paragraphs. Clients always want a short and precise cover letter that addresses their needs.

Writing generic Upwork proposal cover letters. Avoid general cover letters. A cover letter should be unique based on the client’s needs. Customize your cover letter so that the client can know that you have read their job description.

Writing about yourself too much. Do not try to oversell your skills. Instead, write about the client’s needs and how you can address these needs.

Sending proposals for jobs you are not qualified for. The other biggest mistake people make is sending proposals for work they don’t possess skills for. Only apply for jobs you are skilled at. Clients often verify from your profile if you are qualified for the job.

Don’t apply for jobs that are over 24 hours old. Otherwise, you will be wasting your Connects and time. Most clients hire within 24 hours. If a job is older than 24 hours, most likely the client won’t be hiring anyone.

Charging very low prices. Many freelancers think that bidding too low compared to other freelancers will get them hired. More often than not, it is not the case. Very low prices in most cases are an indication of poor quality work. Do not compete on prices and instead charge competitive prices based on your experience and qualifications.

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How to Decide Rate/Price on Upwork

When writing an Upwork proposal, you are also required to indicate how much you will be charging for your services. You can set prices based on your services, but also consider the following:

  • Client’s budget
  • Necessary skills
  • Competition
  • How much the client pays other writers

Tips to Write Proposal on Upwork that Get You Hired

You can use the following tips to get clients to hire you on Upwork.

  • Address clients by their names when starting your proposal. If you want to know the name of the client, you can read reviews from other freelancers the client has worked with. The client is likely to respond out of curiosity about how you got to know his name.
  • End your proposal with a question. For instance, you can ask the client: “How soon do you want this completed?” Such a question is likely to attract the attention of the client and end up responding.
  • Have a great Upwork profile that backs up what you have mentioned in the proposal. Ensure that the skills indicated on your Upwork profile are the same skills you have listed on the Upwork proposal.
  • Keep the Upwork proposal cover letter brief and straightforward. Ensure that your proposal is not more than 120 words.

Summary of How to Write Upwork Proposal

You need to practice how to write an Upwork proposal that can get you hired. The above tips can help you get hired easily on Upwork. Even if it is your first time working on Upwork, it is still easy to get hired if you follow these tips. Just make sure that your proposal is brief, straightforward, and addresses the needs of the client. 

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