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What to Do if You Find a Homeless Person on the Street?

Have you been approached by a homeless person on the streets and wondered what to do? There are several things you can do the next time a homeless person approaches you. First, even if you don’t have something to give them, you can still be kind to them. Just being friendly or telling them words of encouragement would go a long way to making their day brighter.

What to Do if a Homeless Person Approaches You

This is what you need to do if a homeless person approaches you:

1. Be Friendly

Homeless people do not have many friends and just being friendly, it can cheer up their day. As such, if you see a homeless person approaching you, do not put on a serious face. Instead, smile and greet him or her. Then introduce yourself. This makes them some confidence to talk to you. Also, make sure to keep eye contact. Many homeless people go through trauma and they need people who can show them love and care.

2. Listen to Them

Many people do not like listening to homeless people because they assume they are begging for money. Give them an ear and understand what their needs are. For instance, you may come to learn they need medical help and you can link them up to a healthcare center. 

3. Give them Whatever You

Do you remember the parable that Jesus gave of a poor widow who gave two coins, yet she gave more than all rich people? That’s the same case when giving to homeless people. Don’t feel like your help is meaningless, but instead, give cheerfully whatever little you have. Whether it is cash or water or food. it will go a long way in changing their lives.

4. Share with them Words of Encouragement

If you don’t have something to give to a homeless person, you can still share with them words of encouragement. You can share with them some ideas that can help improve their situation. For instance, if you know somewhere you know they can get assistance, why not share that information with them? As the old saying goes, “no one is too poor to give.” Even words of encouragement can go a long way in helping homeless people.

5. Refer them to a Shelter Home

The other thing you can do when approached by a homeless person is to refer them to a shelter home. Maybe that’s all they need. Many times, homeless people apply to get admitted to shelter homes, but their application is declined. As such, if you are in a position to help them get admitted to a shelter home, why don’t you go ahead and do it?

6. Call Street Crisis Response

If a homeless person seems to have a mental illness, you can consider calling the street crisis response team. Sometimes, homeless with mental illnesses can be violent and it is important that you be on the lookout. If you come across a homeless person who is violent, don’t engage them and instead call the Street Crisis Response team.   

7. Call the Homeless Outreach Team

If you come across a homeless person who needs medical attention and it is not an emergency, make sure to call the Homeless Outreach Team. They are involved in the provision of healthcare services to homeless people. They will assess the person and get to know the kind of medical attention he requires.

Summary of How to Assist a Homeless Person

Maybe this is the time you need to familiarize yourself with homeless services. Get to know homeless providers in your area and get their contacts. To end homelessness, it has to start with you and me. We need to put our hands together and help in whatever small capacity we can. As such, the next time a homeless person approaches, find the best way possible to help them.