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How to Become a Social Media Influencer from my Experience

Social media influencing is the trending among businesses to promote brands and products. The role of a social media influencers is to promote and market a company or its product. Social media influencers are mainly used as brand ambassadors, helping them to reap big. If you want to become a social media influencer, this is what you need to do.  

Create a Large Community

Social media influencing has a lot to do with marketing. From my experience as a social media influencer, you need at least fifty thousand followers for brands to have the confidence to use you in marketing. As such, you need to create a large audience to interact with.

You can use social media to gather an audience and engage them frequently with relevant information. Some of the social media platforms you can  use to interact with your audience include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. For business and professional brands, make sure you have a Linkedln account.

Create a catchy bio that tells your niche and your interests. Let the audience know about your interest. Include your contact details so that brands can reach you. Make sure to add a professional profile picture in your profile.

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Identify Your Audience Needs

To interact well well with your audience, you need to understand their interests and needs. This is important and it will help you create content that they may be interested in reading. Get to know who the majority of your followers are and their age bracket. I am a fashion influencer and when I post something that is out of fashion, it doesn't get many likes and comments.

One of the ways to know what your audience likes is by reading their comments on your posts. Read and understand what people are saying and you can know what changes you need to improve your brand. You can also use social media tools like Twitter Analytics, which can help you know your followers' interests.

Create Content that Adds Value

You need to provide your audience with quality content that adds value. I realized that my followers are always eager to know the latest fashion models in the market. They are always looking forward to what fashion I'm going to post next. When I am continually adding content to my Instagram account, my audience base grows faster than when I am not.

Create a Niche

I have seen many social media influencers who want to shine in every niche. The truth is that you can get many followers, but you will hardly get a company to hire you to market their brand. You do not just want to make a name out of social media influencing, but also make money out of it. As such, I would advise you to figure out what your passion is and your interests and then focus on it.

It is best to focus on a specific content type. When you have a primary focus, your audience can trust you easily. Also, companies prefer to use social media influencers with a single focus. It is unrealistic to focus on food, clothing, travel and expect to get a clothing brand to reach out to you for marketing. If you focus on clothing alone, it will be easy to get clients.

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Market Yourself

The next thing you need to do is to let brands know that you are ready to collaborate. You can make a living out of social media influence. Seventy percent of my income is from social media influence. I have partnered with several clothing brands and makeup brands to market their products. I am also planning to work with some brands as their brands' ambassador.

Contribute to Other Social Media Influencers Work

One way that helped put my name in the limelight is by contributing to other social media influencers' work. The people you interact with can help you get opportunities or create opportunities for you.

You also get to network with them by promoting their content, which could help you attract more followers. To date, I still contribute to other influencers' profiles by sharing what they are promoting. For instance, you can follow other social media influencers within your category, like their posts, and engage with them.


If you want to become a social media influencer, you need to invest a lot of time providing your audience with valuable content. It took me four years of constant hard work to get noticed. I also networked with many influencers who helped me put my name on the rank. By helping others, I got noticed, and my profiles are continually growing.