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How Can Churches Help the Homeless?

Churches are very influential and can play a huge role in helping homeless people. Besides, churches teach about helping the less fortunate and they should lead by example. Churches are involved in philanthropic projects like starting schools, orphanages, and hospitals. In addition to that, they can also help the homeless. But how can churches be involved in helping the homeless? Let’s jump into it right away.

Ways the Church Can Help the Homeless

The following are some of the ways churches can help homeless people.

1. Raise Awareness

Churches usually have a lot of influence on their congregants. As such, churches can raise awareness about homelessness and encourage their members to help the homeless. Many times, you will find people who are willing to donate towards philanthropic projects like helping the homeless. Churches can encourage such people to donate to the homeless and provide them with basic necessities.

2. Provide them with Essentials like Food

Just like churches and the bible teaches us to be our neighbor’s keeper, churches should be at the forefront of helping the homeless by providing them with necessities. For instance, pastors can drive fundraising toward helping homeless people.

Money raised can be used to buy homeless people essentials like food, toiletries, clothing, and sanitary products like soap and tampons.

3. House the Homeless

The other way churches can help homeless people is by housing them. However, the challenge is usually that churches are often closed for the better part of the week and only open when there is a service. For those churches that are usually open during the week, they can welcome and house the homeless. This would prevent them from sleeping in the streets and getting rained on. Sometimes having to bear the cold in the streets make the homeless sick.

4. Provide them with Free Medical Services

I know of many churches that have collaborations with hospitals or churches that own hospitals. Such churches can offer free medical services to homeless people. Homeless people often get sick and they have no one to take care of them.

Homeless people often get wounds and deep cuts on the streets. If such wounds and cuts can be nursed by trained personnel, the homeless can heal faster and have good health. Besides, homeless people also contract diseases like pneumonia due to colds on the streets. Churches through collaboration with hospitals can treat such diseases.

5. Help the Homeless End Drug and Substance Abuse

Many homeless people are struggling with drug and substance abuse. Churches are holy places and you are not likely to find someone abusing substances in church. Consequently, churches can help rehabilitate homeless people who are struggling with substance abuse by housing them.

Churches can then preach to them, encourage and give them hope. During this time, the homeless people will have been segregated and won’t have easy access to drugs and substances. With time, this can help homeless people stop drug and substance abuse.

6. Offer the Free Education to the Homeless

Many churches and especially the Catholic church have sponsored many schools. Churches that have schools can enroll homeless people for free. This would be a philanthropic move that can help impart knowledge and skills to homeless people and help them live better lives. Besides, empowering homeless people with knowledge would be a long-lasting solution to homelessness since it would increase their chances of employability.

Summary of How Churches Can Help the Homeless

Churches can use their influence to help the homeless. Churches can promote awareness and drive to provide the homeless with necessities like food and sanitary products. Besides, some churches usually have sponsored schools and hospitals. For such churches, they can offer free education and medical care to homeless people.