Last Updated: Reviews and How it Works is an excellent freelance website for employers and freelancers. If you wish to sign up for a freelance account, should be top in your list. It is probably the third-best after Upwork and Fiverr. There are many freelancers, clients, and organizations on We will provide you with reviews, how it works and all you need to know. 

How to Sign Up on

Visit homepage, and select Sign Up. You can sign up using your Facebook details or email. You will need to enter a Username and Password for your account. A username should have at most 16 characters and it can be alphanumeric. 

When signing up, select whether it is a freelancer or client account. After completing the registration process, you need to verify your email address by clicking the link email sent to your email. Make sure to update these details:

  • Your real name
  • A professional profile photo
  • A description of your job title
  • Relevant skills
  • Academic qualifications

What is

Just like the name suggests, is a freelance website that connects freelancers and clients. You will get a broad category of freelance jobs ranging from writing, marketing, web design, and many more. The company is based in Australia and has grown to become one of the best freelance platforms available online.  

How for Clients Works 

If you are a client and you are wondering how works, it is easy. You simply sign up for a client account first. You can then post your job. It is free to post a project. You will get bids from freelancers willing to complete your project. You can also browse through the available talents and select the freelancer you would like to work with. Then, make a direct offer to the client.

You can chat with freelancers in real-time and compare their profiles to select the best. Award your project to the freelancer you selected by sending him an offer.

You need to make payment when the project is complete through the Milestone Payment system. If the work is not completed to your expectation, you can ask for revisions from freelancer before releasing payment. Pay upon satisfaction for the project.

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How for Freelancers Works

Once you have created a freelancer account on, the next thing is to complete your profile to 100%. Provide all the relevant details like academic qualifications and skills. It is something that clients consider when hiring.

Browse through the job categories and select the category you are knowledgeable in. Write a catchy proposal, and then look for projects that require the skills you indicated when signing up. Ensure that your proposal is specific to the job requirements. Don't write a general proposal and use it to bid for jobs. Send job proposals and wait for clients to reply. Keep checking for messages; clients will contact you if impressed by your proposal and will award you the project.

The client must create a milestone for a particular project. Without a milestone, don't accept the project. When a customer creates a milestone, accept the offer to start working the project. Always use a good conversational tone and polite language with your clients.

Once you complete the project, submit it through If the client is happy with your work, he will release the payment. He can also request for revisions. Make the revisions and resubmit the project. A client leaves positive or negative feedback based on his experience working with you and satisfaction. Once he releases payments, funds will be available in your account upon maturity. You can withdraw using different payment methods. Fees has different pricing from most other freelance platforms. Its fees depend on the membership plan of the client or the freelancer. The membership fees range between free and $59.99 per month. Fees can also vary based on the service you are offering.

For hourly projects, the commission is usually 10%, for contest 10% or $ 5 USD depending on which one is greater and 20% for services. The fees for a preferred freelancer program are usually 15%. Time Tracking Application has a desktop app that you can download for Windows, Linux, or Mac. You can use the app to communicate with your clients and track time for your hourly projects. It has a play and pause button for the freelancer to control. From time to time, the app takes screenshots of the wok on your screen. A freelancer can also take a screenshots of their work and send them to the client via a 'snapshot.'

Pros of

  • website is secured by an SSL encryption that ensures the privacy of its users.
  • Through the Milestone Repayment payment platform, there are minimal chances for freelancers losing their hard-earned money.
  • has 24/7 representatives to help both clients and freelancers.

Cons of

In as much as is an excellent freelance website, it has its downsides. Some users have been upset by the site and had terrible experiences.

The main complaint is with the payment system. This happens when a freelancer completes a project and has been approved and then funds are reversed. Both freelancers and clients need to do thorough background research before hiring or accepting a project.

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Summary of Reviews is an excellent freelance website for beginners and experienced freelancers. It is a platform you can use to sign up for an account. For clients, this is a great platform to outsource freelancers and get high-quality work. Finally, it is best to conduct all communication and payment through the platform.

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