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Why I Prefer Freelance Writing Compared to Employment

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Freelance job is one of the best ways to work at your comfort. You control the amount of work you want to do and when to do it. Many freelance websites give freelancers the option to accept or decline a project. This makes freelance jobs lucrative. From my experience working as a freelance writer, I prefer freelance jobs compared to employment.

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Fewer Expenses

Most of the freelance jobs do not have many expenses. Since I started working as a freelance writer, the only cost I incur is only on the internet, which I would incur even if I wasn't working as a freelancer. For some freelance jobs that require freelancers to spend their money, most clients are always willing to reimburse the freelancer the cost they incurred.

In employment, you are only paid the salary and you are expected to pay expenses you incur while working from it. For instance, you pay for transport expenses from your paycheck. Freelance jobs give one the freedom to work from anywhere, even when you are on a trip. It does not hinder you from carrying on with your schedule.


Freelance jobs are very convenient and you can work online from anywhere worldwide. You only need to set aside a few hours. You will have to report to work at 9 am and leave at 5 pm even if you are sick in many employment jobs.

If you have other activities during the day, you can work at night. It means you can go ahead with your daily activities while working as a freelancer. Sometimes when I have a lot of work or when I want to travel, I share my work with other freelancers to help when I can't manage by myself. Freelance is flexible, yet it is my primary source of income.

Greater Exposure

Freelance jobs give one greater exposure to sell his skills across the globe. I have worked with clients from different parts f the world. You are not limited and you can work for individuals and organizations. I have made great friends on Freelance platforms, yet we have never met them.

Besides, you get to learn a lot. When I started freelance writing, I didn’t know how to use WordPress. I met a client who trained me to publish content on WordPress. I have learned other skills: keyword research, web maintenance, and a bit of coding. Although freelance platforms are workplaces, they are also places to learn and better one’s skills.

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Family Time

Freelance jobs help one to spend much time with the family. Since you can work from home, you can set aside time for work and other time for family. You can work as a freelancer while doing other chores at home, like cooking. It has been a great thing having to multi-task on freelance jobs while doing house chores. You also have time to visit friends and ample free time. When I am free, I work on my websites, which helps me make an extra income.


Freelance jobs are very flexible, unlike formal employment, where you have little control. It takes time to build a strong portfolio, but you get a steady income source with time and effort. I can advise anyone who wants to try freelance jobs to get a field where they are good at and then sign up for an account and start building a reputation online.