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Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

Bluehost is among the best affiliate programs available in the market. It offers one year SSL certificate and CDN, free domain registration and 24/7 customer support. You also get custom email addresses, free domain, WordPress installation and setup and 99.9% uptime. Bluehost web hosting prices start at $3.95. While other web hosting companies like Hostgator pay $50 commission per sign-up, Bluehost pays $65. The following is Bluehost affiliate marketing review.

Disclaimer: Some of our links contain affiliate links that give us a small commission, but at no cost to you. See our policy page at the page footer. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 which means you only need two people to sign up using your affiliate links. There are many withdrawal options to use making it convenient for your business. If you are planning to sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program, this is what you need to know.

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How to Get Started with Bluehost Affiliate Program

To start promoting Bluehost products and services, you need to have an audience. To do so, start a blog that is related to Bluehost services and products. Online marketing and internet niche are great options for promoting Bluehost products. You will need to learn some SEO skills to have your content rank high on search engines. It takes some time to start seeing SEO results and ranking on search engines. You can register a domain name to start a new blog.

If you already have a blog and you have not started using the Bluehost affiliate program, you are leaving a lot of money.  Monetize your website with Bluehost today and start earning commissions of $65 for every signup. 

Many people are willing to start a website. And since Bluehost is among the best web hosting companies, you will get people to signup using your affiliate links if your website ranks well and has enough traffic. 

How to Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

It is free and you won’t have to wait to get approved. You can place Bluehost banners and links on your blog immediately after signing up. To sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program, click here.

BlueHost signup page

You will be directed to a sign-up page where you will need to fill in your details. You need to enter a user name, email, password, and PayPal details. The user name will be appearing in your affiliate links. Once you have filled in all the sections, you can submit the form. You will be sent an email as a confirmation that you have signed up for the Bluehost affiliate program.

BlueHost affiliate signup form

Bluehost provides PayPal as the first payment option. If you don’t have a PayPal account, consider opening one. You can use a debit card or credit card to open a PayPal account. You will also need to fill the following tax declaration forms.

  • W-9 Form. For U.S Citizens and entities
  • W-8BEN. For non-U.S citizens

 The next thing you need to do is to decide how you will be promoting Bluehost services and products. You can promote them using banners or links or both. Place the links and banners on your blog and are ready to earn a commission for signups. Finally, make sure that you put an affiliate disclaimer on your website or your affiliate pages.

To get links and banners, click on Links from the dashboard. You will see your tracking link. Any banner or link you will use will have our tracking link. All you need to do is to copy the banner links and paste them on your website. To use banners on your website, it should be HTML enabled.

You can check the progress of your affiliate links from the dashboard. The dashboard provides you with details like the number of clicks. Signups and commissions earned. You can also withdraw your commission when it hits $100 using PayPal.

How to Succeed in Bluehost Affiliate Marketing

Bluehost affiliate marketing is the most popular affiliate program in the internet and blog niche. As such, the competition is high and you need to good at SEO to have your blog rank on search engines. You also need to be good at content marketing. Apart from Search Engine Optimization, look for other ways you can promote your blog and you can get a few people signing up.

One of the reasons why Bluehost is a popular affiliate program is because of its excellent services among bloggers and publishers. 

Challenges of Bluehost Affiliate Marketing

Although Bluehost is among the best affiliate marketing websites in the market, it has its disadvantages. They include:

  • High competition. It is challenging to rank for Bluehost keywords due to their competitiveness. As such, you need to be good at SEO to drive your blog to the top of search engines. Apart from SEO, you need to get other ways to promote your content.
  • Negative reviews. Bluehost has many negative reviews online with many people complaining about their customer service. This has made a significant percentage of bloggers avoid using their services.

Bluehost Affiliate Marketing Alternatives

You can also use these affiliate marketing programs as an alternative to Bluehost.

  • WPEngine affiliate program - $200 per sale
  • SiteGround Affiliate program - $50-$100
  • Hostgator Affiliate program - $50 per sale
  • A2 Hosting affiliate program - $85-$140 per sale

Bluehost Affiliate Marketing Pros

  • Large payouts of $65 per sign up
  • Commissions of up to $130 to loyal affiliate members
  • High conversation rates
  • Frequent discounts and promotions
  • No entry restrictions or entry approvals
  • You can use links and banner ads

Bluehost Affiliate Marketing Cons

  • Minimum withdrawal limit of $100
  • High competition