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How to Become a Transcriptionist from Home

Transcription is one of the best freelance jobs that can help you make money from home. It is also a great way to make money online. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many people lost their jobs and most of them turned to online jobs. To become a transcriptionist, you need to sign up on a freelance transcription website. In this article, we will show you how to become a transcriptionist from home and how much you can earn.

What you Need to Become a Transcriptionist

To become a professional transcriber, you need a set of skills and equipment. You need the following to become a transcriptionist:

  • Freelance transcription website: You need to sign up on a freelance transcription website like GoTranscript or Rev. Transcription accounts gives you a chance for clients to hire you.
  • Equipment: The equipment you need to start transcription jobs varies depending on the type of transcription job. You will need the following to get started; a fast computer or laptop, fast internet speed, and headphones.
  • Software: You will need the following software for transcription jobs Microsoft word and Google Chrome browser.
  • Skills: You need the following skills to become a professional transcriptionist: listening skills, fast typing speed, good command of English, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. You should be in a position to type at least 65 words per minute.

Categories of Transcription Jobs

There are four main categories for transcription jobs. You can choose which one to specialize in:

  • General transcription: You can focus on areas like academic research, business meetings, or market research.
  • Legal transcription: You can focus on areas like court proceedings, depositions, and search warrants.
  • Law enforcement transcription: It entails working on transcription jobs in the fields of suspect and witness interviews and jail calls.
  • Medical transcription: It entails transcription jobs like physician notes, medical charts, and x-rays.

Since general transcription requires fewer details, they are the least paid while medical transcriptions are the highest-paid since they require lots of details.

There are also different types of transcriptions jobs. They include:

  • Academic transcription
  • Business transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Podcast transcription
  • Video transcription
  • Sermon transcription
  • Focus group transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Focus transcription

How to Become a Transcriptionist

If you are planning to become a transcriptionist, here are some steps you can take to become one.

1. Choose a Type and Category of Transcription Jobs

To become a transcriptionist, you need to decide on the area and category you want to specialize in like medical or legal transcription. Consider your skills and the number of hours you want to dedicate to transcription when choosing a transcription category.

2. Work on Your Typing Skills and Get Transcription Certifications

Practice makes perfect. One of the skills you need to become a professional transcriptionist is typing skill and speed. The more you type, the more you gain speed. With fast typing skills, the faster you are able to turn around work. You can also look for college certification programs and find some accreditations you want to pursue. With transcription certification, it becomes very easy to get clients.

3. Take Transcription Tests

Most freelance transcription websites will require you to take a transcription test before approving you. Strive to pass the test since it will reflect on your profile and will compel clients whether or not to hire you. Take several tests since to help you gain experience and become a better transcriptionist.

4. Apply for Transcription Jobs

You can sign up on freelance transcription websites and start applying for transcription jobs. There are many websites where you can get hired even with little experience. Pay attention to the clients’ needs and requirements to ensure that you deliver high-quality work.

5. Be Familiar with Clients Style Guide

You will realize that pronunciation can differ depending on one’s location. There are many things you need to understand about your clients. For instance, a client may require you to correct grammatical errors when transcribing, while other clients may not require you to make such corrections. As such, it would be best that you first get to understand the client’s needs before getting started.

6. Look for High Paying Companies

The other thing you need to do is to look for high-paying companies for your business. To make meaningful income through transcription, it is best that you find reputable companies that pay well. Companies like Transcription Outsourcing LLC, GoTranscript, and Rev can help you make meaningful income transcribing.

Challenges with Transcription

Transcription is not a walk in the park and you can expect some challenges along the way. Some of the challenges you can expect in transcription include:

  • Poor quality audio files
  • Short deadlines and difficult clients
  • Boring and long audio files
  • Different formatting styles
  • Lack of training and validating tools

Summary of How to Become a Transcriptionist

Transcription is a great way to make money online. You need a freelance transcription website, computer, headphones, typing, and listening skills to get started. You need to choose a category of transcription jobs you can specialize in. Take transcription tests, practice more and start applying for transcription jobs and you are sure to get clients to hire you.

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